Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUDa)

Since its foundation in 1877, Technical University Darmstadt has played its part in addressing the urgent issues of the future with pioneering achievements and outstanding research and teaching. The Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is the oldest one of its kind, dating back to the founder Erasmus Kittler who was the first to establish electrical engineering as an independent discipline. Today both, science and teaching, are oriented towards internationality and interdisciplinarity, yet with a large share of international students. The research covers many topics of modern electrical engineering, covering communication engineering, data and signal processing, automation, energy technology, photonics as well as microwave, millimeter-wave and Terahertz engineering, split between 29 full professors and three junior (assistant) professors.

There are three groups of the Engineering Department participating in CELTA. The groups cover research topics from tunable micro- and millimeter-wave components via Terahertz science and Terahertz systems and applications, up to optical communication and photonics with a large overlap with CELTA-topics. Equipped with simulation software, microwave laboratories (MHz -500 GHz), terahertz laboratories (100 GHz-6 THz pulsed, ~30 GHz-2.7 THz CW) and laser labs (800 nm, 1550 nm) as well as a fully functional clean room, samples and circuits can be designed, processed and right away be characterized.

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