Applied Electromagnetics Group

The group of applied electromagnetics is dominantly focused on research of millimeter-wave structures for vehicular applications and body-area applications. In both areas, we work on the design of specific antennas, guiding structures and passive circuits. Attention is turned to the integration of structures into multi-functional objects. In case of wearable electronics, electromagnetic structures are integrated into textile materials using printing technologies.

A concept of a substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) is exploited for the implementation of high-frequency reconfigurable devices. If vias creating walls of SIW structures are replaced by PIN diodes or MEMS, properties of SIW can be modified by switching them on or off. SIW is used as a feeder of slot antenna arrays providing an optimum polarization and radiation pattern for on-body or on-vehicle communication.

SIX tightly cooperates with Vienna University of Technology within the H2020 project called ADWICE (Advanced Wireless Technologies for Clever Engineering). In ADWICE, the group of applied electromagnetics has constituted the Czech-Austrian research team "Advanced Antennas and Circuits".

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