UC3M Group

The research group of the Electronics Technology Department of UC3M is currently composed by 4 professors, 3 researchers and several PhD students.

This research team specializes in scientific instrumentation systems development (Mid-IR interferometry, biomedical instrumentation, spectroscopy, environmental monitoring) as well as in laser sources development and characterization (Optical Frequency Combs, non-linear techniques). Of special interest to this project is the research line focused on the development of multimode laser sources (Optical Frequency combs) and their applications in photonic signal synthesis, with the development of several architectures for the generation, detection and processing of THz signals. Recently, the group has also combined both research lines through the use of mm-wave and THz signals for the development of non-invasive diagnostics.

The group has been also very active in technology transfer through R&D contracts with different Companies, e.g. INDRA Sistemas S.A., AIRBUS Defence and Space, ALVAC and BCB, as well as with the creation of the spin-off company Luzwavelabs (www.luzwavelabs.com) that provides hardware solutions for generation and detection in the THz range using photonic techniques.